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I have developed a new system to represent the form of UFC fighters and is not based on their overall quality/standard.

The algorithm is fixed to avoid any personal judgement and is based on the last 10 fights of a fighter only to accurately portray their form. The more recent the fight, the heavier the points are weighted and are allocated based on numerous factors including:

- Wins, Losses, Draws, No Contests and Disqualifications
Method of victory/loss

- Points are deducted after 6 months out of competition
- After 6 months, points are automatically deducted on a monthly basis until they fight again
- Inactivity score is reduced upon return to competition based on results
- After 24 months out of competition - fighter is removed from rankings
Standard on Competition
- Points are awarded for wins in the UFC, representing the increase in standard compared to other promotions
- Points are awarded for a win over an opponent ranked in the top 10 based on Fight Matrix rankings.
- Points are awarded for wins in championship fights including Interim bouts

Other information
- Rankings are updated after every event
- Movements (indicated by green/red arrows) include fighters who have fought in recent event only
- New Entry's are fighters making their first appearance in the divisional rankings. This is usually a debutant or a fighter moving weight class. Fighters can still appear in two divisions if they are likely to interchange
- Fights on The Ultimate Fighter are included in the calculations but with reduced values
- Although rare, fighters can be placed above a fighter they just lost to. Scores are based on the last 10 fights and if they have accumulated more points - their score will accurately depict their form
- Retired/banned fighters are removed from the rankings
- When fighters have the same score - the one who fought most recently will be ranked above the other


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