Top 10 - Slam Knockouts in MMA (2019)

Here is a list of 10 of the best slams in MMA that have resulted in a knockout.

10. RUSTAM KHABILOV vs Vinc Pichel

The Ultimate Fighter Finale - December 2012

Not a one-off slam knockout like the rest on this list but 3 German Suplex’s in a row… somebody has been watching Chris Benoit videos.

9. GALORE BOFANDO vs Charlie Ward

UFC Fight Night 113 - July 2017

This was crazy. Bofando just throwing Ward on his head like yesterday’s trash. The sound.

8. LORENZ LARKIN vs Joao Assis

Respect In The Cage - July 2010

A young Lorenz Larking displaying raw strength. Brutal. (01:35)

7. EDDIE WINELAND vs Ken Stone

WEC 53 - December 2010

Oh you have a body triangle? Cute, let me just slam the life out of you.

6. TRAVIS FULTON vs Jeremy Bullock

Extreme Challenge 22 - November 1998

Insane slam but this is why we have weight classes, poor Bullock. Also, Fulton is still fighting and he currently has a record of 255-54-10 (1). What.

5. MATT HUGHES vs Carlos Newton

UFC 38 - July 2002

Such an iconic slam. Prime Hughes was a beast but so was Newton. The suspense of holding him up on the cage… you knew what was going to happen but it didn’t prepare you for that titanic slam. Skip to 7:20 for the slam.

4. GERALD HARRIS vs Aaron Cobb

LFA 63 - December 2016

So that’s why he is called the ‘Slam King’.

3. JESSICA ANDRADE vs Rose Namajunas

UFC 237 - May 2019

Latina Beiber’s real nickname translates to ‘Piledriver’ and she not only pulled one off for a devastating KO but it was in a title fight, the biggest fight of her career after getting beat up by Rose. Amazing. Skip to 4:00 for the slam.

2. FRANK SHAMROCK vs Igor Zinoviev

UFC 16 - March 1998

People may be surprised this is #2 but probably my favourite ever slam. Just the way he effortlessly picked him up and twisted Igor around. A savage dump.

1. RAMPAGE JACKSON vs Ricardo Arona

Pride Critical Countdown - June 2004

It has to be. Rampage - the original slamming machine.