Top 15 - MMA Dime Pieces

Just a bit of fun. A subjective list of some of the most beautiful fighters in MMA.

Honorable Mentions:

This list focuses on active MMA fighters but these ladies deserve a mention - veteran Dime Pieces

Gina Carano

Miesha Tate

15. Bea Malecki

Bea is from Sweden and appeared on The Ultimate Fighter as a Featherweight. Genetically gifted Dime Piece.

Bea’s Instagram: @beamalecki

Bea’s Twitter: @BeaMalecki

14. Malin Hermansson

Malin has just signed for Bellator and has a bright future ahead of her. Prospect Dime Piece

Malin’s Instagram: @mghermansson

Malin’s Twitter: @HerminatorMma

13. MacKenzie Dern

No wonder Mackenzie struggles to make 115 with dem curves. Tremendous Dime Piece

Mackenzie’s Instagram: @mackenziedern

Mackenzie’s Twitter: @MackenzieDern

12. Rose Namajunas

Hair or no hair, Rose is a Dime Piece. Thug Dime Piece

Rose’s Instagram: @rosenamajunas

Twitter: @rosenamajunas

11. Poliana Botelho

Poliana is a beast athlete and also a Dime Piece.

Poliana’s Instagram: @polianabotelho_ufc

Poliana’s Twitter: @polibotelho

10. Pearl Gonzalez

Pearl looks like she would eat me for breakfast. Brunch Dime Piece.

Pearl’s Instagram: @pearlgonzalez

Pearl’s Twitter: @PearlGonzalez

9. Anastasia Yankova

Badass Bombshell. Badass Dime Piece.

Anastasia’s Instagram: @anastasia_yankova

Anastasia’s Twitter: @YankovaAn

8. Kailin Curran

Absolute babe. Surfer Dime Piece.

Kailin’s Instagram: @kailincurran

Kailin’s Twitter: @KailinCurran

7. Ariane Lipski

The Violence Queen. Queen Dime Piece.

Ariane’s Instagram: @arianelipski

Ariane’s Twitter: @Ariane_lipski

6. Polyana Viana

Polyana seems like the kind of girl you want to take home to your Mum but would put you in hospital if you disrespect her. Sweet but deadly Dime Piece.

Polyana’s Instagram: @polyanaviana

Polyana’s Twitter: @Polyana_VianaDF

5. Michelle Waterson

Timeless. She doesn’t age. The Karate Hottie will always be a Dime Piece.

Michelle’s Instagram: @karatehottiemma

Michelle’s Twitter: @karatehottiemma

4. Rachael Ostovich

Crafted by the Gods themselves. Majestic Dime Piece.

Rachael’s Instagram: @rachaelostovich

Rachael’s Twitter: @rachaelostovich

3. Veronica Macedo

Natural beauty. What a Dime Piece.

Veronica’s Instagram: @veronicamacedomma

Veronica’s Twitter: @veromacedomma

2. Paige VanZant

Paige is not just a Dime Piece. She is a Smoke Show.

Paige’s Instagram: @paigevanzant

Paige’s Twitter: @paigevanzant

1. Denise Kielholtz

Denise has already had a very successful Kickboxing career and is now aiming for the same success in MMA. Not a household name yet but god damn she is a Dime Piece.

Denise’s Instagram: @dynamite8989

Denise’s Twitter: @Denisekielholtz